The Cubicco Classic Tiny House

The Cubicco Classic has attracted us, especially for its ability to prevent hurricanes.

As we know, nature has been weird lately. It is only a matter of time before the usual houses break down because of the strong storms.

We have been skeptical about some tiny homes during the hurricane. But this Cubicco Classic is one of the best storm-resistant homes to check out.

It’s an excellent choice for individuals who live in hurricane-prone locations like Miami Dade. Built to resist 180 mph winds.

Take a look at the power of your house. During a hurricane, on the beach.

It features two twin beds as well as a desk. This is a fantastic way to conserve space.

This little house features a continuous flow of space from room to room. You could also check out tile, quartz, window trim, plumbing fixtures, and recessed lighting.

The kitchen is pretty awesome. There’s a microwave and plenty of counter space. They also keep well.

There are several floor plans available. The typical layout includes one bedroom and one bathroom. There’s also 125 square feet and a porch.

Hurricane-resistant windows and doors. The home comes with a modern flat roof. You can opt for a rainwater harvesting system, solar energy, and a vertical garden.

Despite the complex functions, it is simply a nice and comfortable dwelling for a small group.

For more information about the Classic Collection, visit the official website here.

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