Brilliant 200 Square Foot Tiny House in Wisconsin

tiny house wisconsin

This tiny house is adorable! With rustic style, it has an eight-foot porch ideal for relaxing. But perhaps the best thing about this deal is that it comes fully furnished. And it’s listed at only $25k!

A house that is surprisingly big for its size, it has a living room in the front of the house. The walls are painted light tan with lightly tongue-and-groove ceilings and dark hardwood floors.

This tiny home has been designed to save as much floor space as possible. To achieve this, the home has been built with shelves, drawers and cabinets.

The TV is mounted to the wall to avoid taking up valuable floor space. In order to heat the home in colder months, there is an open fire place.

The living room is accessible by an unattached ladder. You can find the bathroom behind the kitchen with a sliding pocket door to save floor space. Inside the bathroom thera are a shower stall, toilet, and sink.

The kitchen features modern design with wood cabinetry and a large stainless steel sink. This kitchen also has a comfortable dining table and chairs.

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