Davis’ Off-Grid Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes

Awesome 22-foot tiny house on wheels built by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes for their client, Davis.

The tiny home has a solar panel system and 70-gallon fresh water tank. The home has a traditional style with its gable roof and double dormers.

There are two entry doors, one that leads into the kitchen and one that leads into the living room. At the end of the house is a 6’x8′ cedar deck that folds up when the house is being towed. The solar components are housed in the storage box over the tongue of the trailer.

The kitchen features 8-feet of countertop, pull out pantry shelving, propane & electric 2-way refrigerator, and a washer/dryer combo. The storage staircase has ample storage with closet space and pull out trash/recycling bins.

For more information about this custom tiny house, you can visit the Mitchcraft Tiny Homes website.

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