Artist by Alpine Tiny Homes

Tiny house Artist is a beautiful tiny home created by Alpine Tiny Homes. It is built in Vineyard, Utah for a mother and her son, and includes an artist’s studio.

The exterior of this 280-square-foot solar powered home was finished with tongue-and-groove siding and a metal accent. The owner wanted to complete some of the work herself, so some parts were left unfinished. Inside The Artist are bamboo floors and live edge beetle kill pine countertops.

The kitchen has a large copper sink, full-size appliances, and plenty of storage space. The master bedroom is located over the gooseneck area, next to the artist’s studio. There is also a loft bedroom for the owner’s son located over the kitchen.

The tiny house runs off a 1.5kW solar array and Goal Zero battery system. The oven and water heater are powered by propane.

The price for Artist was sold for $75,000. Learn more about Alpine Tiny Homes.

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