Brown Bear by Alpine Tiny Homes

Brown Bear is a cute tiny house designed by Alpine Tiny Homes. It is a 325-square-foot environmentally friendly home built for a family of four. Its full measurements are 28′ x 8′ x 13.5′, and it has a customized exterior for the roof and siding.

The tiny house features a loft master bedroom for the parents and split loft bedrooms for the kids. The children’s loft also offers a TV and pull out desk space.

Most of the main floor space in the home is dedicated to a living room, a breakfast nook, kitchen with quartz countertops, and a bathroom, which is in its own room off the kitchen.

The Brown Bear is also prepared for all weather and seasonal changes, as it has a heating unit and a mini-split air conditioner. Its full-size shower, custom cabinets, and apron sink add an undeniable sense of domestic comfort to this cozy living space.

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