The Bold Blue Tiny House will Surprise You

Today we want to share with you this beautiful tiny house at Leavenworth Tiny House Village. The house is called Adeline and is painted an electric blue with brown trim and a metal roof.

A flower box and architectural details from Germany decorate the 287-square-foot home.

It has a covered patio where guests may relax and sit back for a while. Ones can also use this for different gathering functions.

Wood cladding and dark hardwood floors are used throughout the house. This is one of the larger rentals in the community, so a large family will be able to accommodate themselves comfortably.

The kitchen is equipped with an electric stove as well as a mini-fridge. You may use it to prepare your favorite dishes.

A cushioned bench and chair are placed on either side of the kitchen counter. A dining table may be folded flat against a wall in order to save space.

The Adeline’s bathroom is completed with a shower, toilet, and wall-mounted sink.

There is a sleeping space in the bathroom. The room is light and airy, and it has a twin bed as well as a window.

The upstairs loft is furnished with two twin beds and a queen bed, which may accommodate up to four people.

Renting this apartment in Washington is a good value for money, with rates beginning at $149 per night.

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