Otsego Gooseneck by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Otsego Gooseneck is a fantastic tiny house built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

The living room sits over the gooseneck deck and has a built-in couch with storage. The couch faces a picture window, which overlooks the mountains. On the other side of the house are storage stairs that lead up to a king bedroom loft with extra room for a dresser. Red Oak is used throughout the house.

In the center of the house is the kitchen with upper cabinets, a freestanding 24″ propane range, and a 10 cu. ft. refrigerator. The dining table can fit up to six people when fully extended. A Colorado Cylinder stove will provide the primary heat and a propane RV furnace will provide backup heat.

For more information on the Otsego Gooseneck, you can visit the Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses website.

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