Golden by American Tiny House

Golden is a wonderful tiny house designed and built by American Tiny House.

The 320-square-foot tiny house includes a chevron pattern along the side of the house and above the front door. The interior has a large living room with a pull-out couch, as well as abundant storage space throughout the house.

The kitchen includes grey cabinets, butcher block counters, a farmhouse sink, a four burner gas range, and an apartment size refrigerator.

The main living area is bright and airy with the white shiplap walls, white ceiling, and medium tone flooring. In the bathroom they chose a bold teal color for a bit of contrast to the rest of the house.

For more information about this tiny house you can visit American Tiny House.

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  1. how are things moving along as with permits and zoning in Durham? I am in johnston county and things arre just begining to take off with trying to define a tiny house and zones and permits. It’s going to be a real struggle I feel. I looked on your planning site for Durham and could find no mention of tiny houses. I know for sure you have one community.. anything would be helpful. First visit with building inspector on Wednesday morning. thanks, Tara Dunn

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