Breathtaking and Stylish Tiny House in Wisconsin

This couple in Minocqua, WI, lives in amazing old-fashioned caboose.

The caboose has a fantastic exterior design, and the red paint job is stunning. I appreciate how it has a cheery, eye-catching color without being overly loud.

It has a softness to it that contrasts well with the snow. Here, you can also see how the caboose architecture easily lends itself to house living because the front door has a porch!

When you look inside, you’ll see lots of wood and vintage design elements. Look at the incredibly cool architectural details on the ceiling and the ancient stove in the corner.

In case you were wondering, this is the living room once more with the furniture in place.

This passageway is very unexpected. It seems to go on forever, doesn’t it? But it’s a trick of the eyes. There are only 400 square feet in the entire caboose. How was this result accomplished?

The hallway seems particularly long because of how small it is, in my opinion. Ironically, narrowing the passageway gives the appearance of more room rather than fewer.

Please share this tiny house “caboose” with your friends if you liked taking a virtual tour of it. Visit the manufacturer’s website by clicking the link below to see some of the other awesome tiny homes they’ve constructed!

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